Our artists, our collectors.

The distinctive gathering of artwork and design in this gallery, involved in its beautiful ambiance and fine collection, emphasizes our commitment, at ZIZZI ART, to promote art, design and culture.
We create a partnership of art and interior design creating the right space and ambiance for our client needs and wishes.
Each project is the result of long hours of coordination between us and our client, during which your lifestyle is examined in detail in order to create the right design and ambiance to match your life and needs.
ZIZZI ART focus on finding the piece of artwork you are looking for, whether it is a specific artist or a work on commission, we aim to find the right artwork for you and your wishes.
You are looking for a piece of design or an original painting, a photograph, or a limited edition print signed by the artist, we are the right place for you.
Our commitment to you is to bring you in syntony with your home, office, studio, ultimately with your collection, creating the right ambiance so you can feel good wherever you are.

Paintings In Gallery