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Luís Mendanha, a 25-year-old young photographer from the city of Porto trained at the Portuguese Institute of Photography in the professional photography course, divides his life between Porto and Esposende, between photography and hunting (sometimes he joins the two).



Plastic artist

Isabel Quaresma, born in Lamego, lives and works in Porto. She is a Plastic Artist, Researcher, and invited professor at Fbaup - Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, teaching the Curricular Unit of Constructed Textiles, since 2017. She has a degree in Fine Arts in the field of Painting (2017 / 2011) and a Master's in Drawing and Printing Techniques, from the same Faculty, (2011/2014) where he is currently doing his Ph.D. in Fine Arts. She has the Fashion Design Course at the Textile Industry Professional Training Center, Citex.(1983/1986) where she was invited to teach and was an assistant in the Fashion Design course. He studied in Italy where he took the Specialization Course in Disegno Tessile at the Academy of Fashion in Florence, Italy (1989/19909). She took the Fashion Design Course at Cooperativa de Ensino Artístico, Árvore. She was awarded a Certificate of Merit for having obtained the best average in the 2nd Cycle Course in Drawing and Printing Techniques, with the Thesis: By a Thread - Intersection between Drawing, Textile, and Body in an Artistic Practice. He received several invitations for special participation injuries, namely in the PAA tests at Escola Artística Soares dos Reis. Taught courses and workshops within the scope of Ongoing Training at FBAUP. She was selected for the Contextile 2014 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, for the International Exhibition. She was the artist invited to design a solo exhibition at Contextile 2016, which took place at CAAA in Guimarães. He had the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, for the Individual Exhibition – Territórios Imprudentes, in the context of Contextile, 2016. His work is cited in catalogs and publications, in which the following stand out: Catalog of the # 16 International Meeting of Art Science and Technology - Imaginar o Real. Harbor. 2016, and Artist's Book - Rodilha - University of Porto. Faculty of Fine Arts (2019). Women, Artists, Teachers. He runs his own studio. He held about 20 individual exhibitions, and participated in several exhibitions and collective projects, exhibiting his work since 2002, being present in private collections, museums, and public institutions.

Individual Exhibitions

2019 - Ensaio Tropical, Museu de Lamego, Lamego 

2018 - Learning by Heart, Galeria Código, Porto. heart/
2017 - Devolve-te, Museu das Belas Artes, no âmbito do # 16 Encontro Internacional Arte Ciência e Tecnologia- Imaginar o Real, Porto, 

2017 - Territórios Imprudentes, CAAA, Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e da Arquitetura, Guimarães, artista convidada pela Contextile 2016.

2016 - Contundente Melancolia, Museu Romântico Quinta da Maceirinha 2014-contundente-melancolia
 2015 - Um Sim Um Não, Lugar do Desenho | Fundação Júlio Resende 2014-um-sim-um-não

2015 – Cut Up Landscape, Galeria Tous Tous, Porto
2013- Weaving Lines , Galeria Símbolo, Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto 2013--pontos-falsos

2015- Weaving Lines , Galeria Símbolo, Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto 2013--pontos-falsos

2013– Cut Up Landscape, Galeria Tous Tous, Porto

2012 – Unir Pontos – Galeria da Cozinha, Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto.
2011– Cores Bravias – Galeria Trindade, Porto.
2010 – Bichos – Artes em Partes, Porto.

2007– Torso, Rivoli Café Concerto, Porto.

2005 – Crueza e Outros Pensamentos Felizes, Três no Castelo, Porto
 2004 - A Teia do Mundo – Novais Leão e Associados, Porto.

2002 - Para além de Ômega Arredores – Espaço Ilimitado, Arte Contemporânea, Porto. 

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Polymorphic artist

French polymorphic artist, fascinated by the power of the image, Rems from Ghetto Farceur crew turned in 2004 to the spray paint on a wall and has since explored an innovative and futuristic way of approaching the traditional Graffiti, doing Art all around the world during Graffiti & StreetArt Events and Exhibitions.
He created hundreds of huge frescoes on all surfaces (walls, canvases, vehicles…) and realized artistic installations like the work "Un Pianiste au Volant", combining an 1860 upright piano with Mercedes car parts to transform it into a Retrofuturistic grand piano.
Developing on canvas an artistic universe oscillating between surrealism, cubism, fractals, illustration, and ignorant style inherited from Graffiti, he enjoys exploring different creative processes, styles, and techniques.
Actually looking for new challenges after his "NOIRFLUO" Exhibition in Tokyo, curated by the artist Takashi Murakami in 2015, Rems is now implementing new artworks in view of his next projects.

Joan Official Squarre greyscale.jpeg



Welcome to my imaginary world! I was born and raised in Montreal, Québec, Canada. From early childhood, I was constantly bombarded with American Pop Culture and consumerism. My work essentially consists of retro-collages. I mostly use magazines from over 50 years ago to harvest my images. On a personal level, the recontextualization of images from that era helps me come to terms and set the record straight regarding the world my parents lived in and the truth behind it. The countless hours I spent mastering Photoshop while I was in advertising made digital collage work a natural choice for me. Generally, my work falls under these main themes:

• Climate crisis as a result of over-consumption. • Kinks in the time/space continuum. A moment where the past collides with the present.

• The ever growing rise of sex in mass media and social media which is well-rooted in the 60s. Death in western culture. From cradle to grave, we are little more than a sea of consumers, tax payers and statistics.

The resolution of my collages is 600 dpi because I like to show the dots from the original printed material. Glitches and distortions derived from the old printing press add textures to varying degrees.

My aesthetics come from things that are deeply flawed. Colour and composition are always carefully treated in my work, they help convey the tone. In Fine Arts, my main medium was oil painting. I explored large abstract field paintings to build my palette and I often notice how this transpires in my collage work.”

Who I am doesn’t really matter. I’d rather let my art do the talking. It says more about me than anything I can write about my life. I am a creature consumed by the need to create art. Some call it a gift, but at times it feels like a curse. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a background in advertising.

After many years in the advertising field, I was drained. I needed to explore art on another level: no longer in the service of clients who chewed away at my every concept, but with total, absolute freedom to express myself artistically.

I see beauty in so many unexpected places and I believe all forms of beauty are a manifestation of love. Beauty is made to be seen. Surrendering to beauty is like surrendering to love. Love is what makes us strong! As you may already know, I despise conformity.

It stifles me, and always has. Have you ever felt like you were being squeezed into a mold? Finding your own path in life can be an uphill battle. In some parts of the world, it can even be deadly. Conformity serves governments, banks and statisticians. Social media influencers have given birth to a whole new brand of conformity that I don’t wish to be any part of. Therefore, I will never show my face or my ass. My art is the most authentic gift I have to offer.

My work tends to resonate with people who live life off of the beaten path. My creative exploration has helped me cope with life. Art is a distillation, in goes the bad and outcomes the art. Once it’s out there, someone can relate to it. That person will feel touched and connected. That itself is inspiring. After all, connection is way better than conformity.

Formal Art Education University of Ottawa Bachelor of Fine Arts (Part 1, 1986-1987)

UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) Bachelor in Fine Arts (Part 2, 1987-1990)

Bachelor in Arts Education (1991-1992)




Born on July 16, 1996 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Graduated from the Kharkov Academic Art Lyceum in 2013. In 2017, received a bachelor's degree at the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts (specialty - easel painting). Studied at the monumental painting faculty the first two courses. In 2019, I graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts, receiving master's degree in easel painting. During the education, organized the extensive personal exhibition of works "Red Velvet" in Kharkov (Fabrika space). She was also involved in different group exhibitions and had experience working as a monumental artist with interior design, apartment, and office buildings. In addition to that, working with furniture decorating. Her activity focus is painting, working in various techniques, preferring watercolors and oil painting. Currently, she lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. She has her own studio, where she keeps creating and experimenting with different directions in art. Her works are kept in private collections in countries like France, Germany, Latvia, Britain, Spain, USA, UAE. She has, as well, another form of expression - the so-called merch. These are silk headscarves, palantins with my paintings, hand-painted boxes. She is currently, preparing an exhibition, which will be held in Austria in spring 2022.




Nathan Markham is an American Painter and Traveler, living in the Algarve Region of Portugal. He has created gallery art for over 23 years, traveling to 36 countries around the world. His diverse body of collected work spans painting, collage, printmaking and ceramic sculpture in 5 countries. In 2007, he was named one of the top Independent Artists in South Florida by the Miami Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Artformz Gallery in a juried exhibition to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach titled: “Exposed”; And has continued to exhibit; supplying collectors in the USA and abroad with unique art pieces.
Nathan holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design and a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Art from Nova Southeastern University.